Established in 2003 we provide military business consulting, industrial tender support and agency services in Europe and the Middle East. Using our stellar worldwide contacts, we are able to provide businesses with opportunities and contacts to market extraordinary products.


To efficiently combine all aspects of professional military contract negotiation management for air, land and naval systems. To harness strong working relationships with new and existing customers on an intercontinental and global scale.


Our goals are to expand our network even further with mid to large scale projects in Europe and abroad. To improve and evolve your business in an already competitive industry with a highly skilled and dedicated team.


Diverse range of associates, connections and working relationships spanning various countries and 3 Continents. Wide range of fluent English, German and Arabic speakers to help break language barriers during in-project communication.

The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.

Sun Tzu, The Art of War


Carambaphon Productions e.U.
Hauptstrasse 39
8502 Lannach
Austria / EUROPE

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